Women of Impact: Our picks for 2022

LCC is celebrating International Womens Day by gathering the top three women who we think are set to make major contributions in 2022.

1. NAOMI HEATON, Founder and CEO of The Other House

Naomi Heaton is an inspiring female CEO for her incredible success as Founder and Chairman of London Central Portfolio and now in her role as Founder and CEO of The Other House – placing her not only just a female leader in property, but in the hospitality world.

She is the pioneer behind the ‘slow travel’ movement and has created the first ever ‘Resident’s Club’ – an eco based blend of the hotel, members club and private residence. Its aimed at the post-Covid traveller who to be independent whilst enjoy the services and restaurant/bar facilities of a hotel. You can stay for a night, a week, a month or a year! The first of a number of properties is set to launch in South Kensington in June 2022 and will revolutionise the hospitality industry.

Naomi is also known as the face of prime central London Property investment. The Oxford graduate founded London Central Portfolio in 1989 and as its Chairman, leads an organisation dedicated to finding and buying properties for clients at competitive prices, delivering an end-to-end service from purchase.

2. ROSANNA MACHADO, Chief Executive Officer, Her Majesty The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Pageant

As CEO, Rosanna’s goal is to help bring a once-in- a-lifetime experience to millions of people, in celebration of The Queen’s 70-year reign. She is striving to include communities and people from all backgrounds, from every part of the nation with the main goal to bring development and training to the next generation – something she has done throughout her events career. She has previously arranged the Olympics, G8 summits as well as other Royal events. She has put sustainability as the no.1 priority at the Jubilee Pageant and is setting a new standard for the events industry.

Rosanna is also a coach, facilitator and lecturer, specialising in emotional intelligence and personal skills to excel in the workplace. She is energised by contributing to the community, offering pro bono coaching to charity executives and speaking in schools about the event industry as a career option.

She is also an avid fresh water swimmer in the Hamstead Health’s Kenwood Ladies Pond!

3)   KARINNA NOBBS, Founder & CEO, The Dematerialised

Karinna is an Edinburgh-born educator, strategist and pattern seeker. She lectures globally for renowned business and fashion schools, and has consulted with leading fashion brands and agencies across Europe, China and USA. In 2019 she founded HOT:SECOND a circular economy concept store trading physical goods for digital garment experiences.

THE DEMATERIALISED are creating a new reality for fashion aiming to converge and nurture the emerging digital fashion ecosystem providing viable new revenue streams and visceral experiences with a Web3 marketplace for authenticated virtual goods. With NFTs only set to get bigger this year, we look forward to hearing more about Karinna.