The Covid-era Communications Strategy

Expert insights from Jayne Alexander, Managing Director of The Dovetail Agency

Since the Covid19 outbreak, have you been working with clients in a different way?

Since the Covid-19 outbreak, we have all had to adapt our styles to working remotely, across our internal team as well as with our client teams. Communication has never been more important. We have talked as a team several times daily and regularly throughout this time with our clients. Business management has required a more tactical approach over the past six months. We have had to make practical and strategic changes on a daily basis to capitalise on opportunities. This has led to us advising our clients as how to develop their product offering to suit an ever-changing market. Dovetail launched a three-month intensive tactical PR and Marketing programme to support existing as well as new clients to respond to economic pressures and government legislation.

Should luxury brands be completely transforming communication strategies for 2021?

We believe the marketing teams of all luxury brands have had to take a new direction with their communication strategies for 2021. Marketing teams have had to adapt their strategies almost on a monthly basis this past six months and these will still need to be reviewed at least quarterly in 2021. It is essential to have clarity on marketing and sales messaging, while reinforcing the brand identity and the brand equity which is critical to retain and protect during unstable and volatile times

In the meantime, what should luxury brands be doing more of?

At this time, brands should be increasing their tactical activity, consistently reviewing their positioning and pricing. It should be a priority to be listening to audience feedback to understand what is needed right now on a pro-active basis. Increasing instant communication channels across all social media platforms and with on-line publications offers an opportunity to keep yourself and your audience abreast of all changes, relevant to market demands and subsequent actions required. Identifying trends with buyers seeking prestigious, more exclusive products to add to a collection as investment pieces may be lucrative, from fine wines, art and designer handbags.

And less of?

Brands need to be careful of relying on their traditional or existing markets which are subject to change, as well as existing product ranges. Instead, they should be open to considering new audiences with the disposable income to invest in the brand.  Old ways of working which aren’t adaptable to life post-Covid need to be addressed as a matter of priority

Can you tell us about the Champion of Women Awards?

The Champion of Women Awards were created to coincide with Dovetail’s 20th anniversary. I wanted to create an event that celebrates women who champion other women, as well as help a charity that I have personally supported for more than 20 years, Maggie’s. In 2021, we will also be supporting the valuable work of The Felix Project. The awards gather together an incredible group of women to highlight the inspiring work achieved by women who uplift others, pave the way and make huge achievements in their field, be that philanthropy, medicine, finance, sport or culture. Champion of Women is currently scheduled to return in 2021.