Meet our Member: Madeleine Macey, Chief Marketing Officer, Liberty

What is luxury to you?

As the years go by I find this question harder to answer. I find the word ‘luxury’ is overused and undervalued. For me, it’s moved from an object to a state of being – Luxury is about having choice and having time to make that choice. 

What is the biggest priority for Liberty right now as we move towards post-pandemic recovery?

Growing our community of customers. Liberty people hate to be sold to, it’s about being part of something that is more than a store and as we grown our e-commerce and therefore, international footprint we need to share that experience online as well as off line , which is the challenge, to be anti-commercial. 

What trends are shaping the luxury experience industry?

The lockdown brought us many things, but one was the experience of free time, with that, crafting. Home crafting was a surprise trend for us which has continued to grow and is now recognised by a younger, cooler audience. 

What brands do you most admire for their communications and marketing initiatives and why? 

It’s easy to call out the big brands who have the people and resource to deliver metaverse strategies, but I always admire the independents who draw people to them through hard work and seemingly little experience in communications, just talent, an iPhone and enthusiasm. We platform a lot of them at Liberty and are proud to do so.