Examining the Impact of 30 Years of BFC’s NEWGEN

Rankin Creative

Rankin Entertainment, the entertainment arm of our LCC partner, Rankin Creative have just launched a new short form series with the British Fashion Council to celebrate 30years of their NEWGEN initiative.  Strong believers in the power of entertainment, the team wanted to use short form storytelling to highlight the profound impact NEWGEN has had both personally and professionally on some of Britain’s most established designers. 

Sartorial Stories celebrates the 30th anniversary of NEWGEN and highlights the scheme’s illustrious history and alumni, and London’s legacy in nurturing emerging talent and the next generation of visionary creatives. Through brief interviews, the five-part film series follows the journeys of current and former NEWGEN designers; Bianca SaundersCozette McCreeryPriya AhluwaliaRobyn Lynch and Sinead O’Dwyer whose authentic stories are revealed, rooted inculture, community and creativity.

The series explores the impact the NEWGEN initiative has had on them and the growth of their business. 2023 marks 30 years since the launch of NEWGEN, the BFC’s most established designer showcasing and development initiative with recipients identified by their creativity, aesthetic and innovative approach to design. It aims to build creative responsible businesses for the future by offering designers an opportunity to showcase their collections at London Fashion Week, financial support and mentoring to help them future proof their businesses.

The series is part of a year long celebration to celebrate the 30th anniversary of NEWGEN and will culminate with the opening of the landmark exhibition, REBEL: 30 Years of London Fashion which is sponsored by Alexander McQueen and guest-curated by Sarah Mower, BFC Ambassador for Emerging Talent. The exhibition will open from 16th September 2023 to 11th February 2024 at the Design Museum in London. It will be one of the most compelling contemporary fashion exhibitions ever staged in the UK.